Affiliated packages

We take the good concept of an Affiliated package from the Astropy project. An affiliated package is a Python package that is not part of the scikit-hep core package but is related to, and seen as part of, the Scikit-HEP project and community.

Affiliated packages are being identified and the community is most welcome to get in touch. A full list of the presently affiliated packages follows, together with a very short description of their goals. In most cases, the affiliated packages have to do with bridging between different technologies and/or popular packages from the Python scientific software stack.

List of affiliated packages

  • numpythia: interface between Pythia and NumPy.
  • pyjet: interface between FastJet and NumPy.
  • uproot: minimalist ROOT I/O in pure Python and Numpy.
  • root_numpy: interface between ROOT and NumPy.
  • root_pandas: module for conveniently loading/saving ROOT files as pandas DataFrames.