What is the exact project name?

The project is called Scikit-HEP. Notice the upper-case “S” and “HEP”. That is distinct from the core package, which is scikit-hep.

How to pronounce the project name?

Like “sy-kit happ”(y), forgetting about the “y” in “happy”. Of course “sci” stands for science.

How to get started contributing?

Please refer to the link contributing to Scikit-HEP for details on how to get involved.

Is there support for PyPy?

It’s a nice idea. Support for PyPy could be envisaged in the near future but only once the scientific stack based on NumPy supports it.

Is there support for GPUs?

Support for GPU-oriented code is not foreseen in the core package scikit-hep itself in the near- or even medium-term future. This would introduce non-trivial dependencies. This being said, there are already ideas to bring along affiliated packages specifically targetting data-intensive work, so code running on both CPUs and GPUs.