root_numpy.hist2array(hist, include_overflow=False, copy=True, return_edges=False)

Convert a ROOT histogram into a NumPy array


hist : ROOT TH1, TH2, TH3, THn, or THnSparse

The ROOT histogram to convert into an array

include_overflow : bool, optional (default=False)

If True, the over- and underflow bins will be included in the output numpy array. These bins are excluded by default.

copy : bool, optional (default=True)

If True (the default) then copy the underlying array, otherwise the NumPy array will view (and not own) the same memory as the ROOT histogram’s array.

return_edges : bool, optional (default=False)

If True, also return the bin edges along each axis.


array : numpy array

A NumPy array containing the histogram bin values

edges : list of numpy arrays

A list of numpy arrays where each array contains the bin edges along the corresponding axis of hist. Overflow and underflow bins are not included.



If hist is not a ROOT histogram.

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