root_numpy.tmva.add_regression_events(obj, events, targets, weights=None, test=False)

Add regression events to a TMVA::Factory or TMVA::DataLoader from NumPy arrays.


obj : TMVA::Factory or TMVA::DataLoader

A TMVA::Factory or TMVA::DataLoader (TMVA’s interface as of ROOT 6.07/04) instance with variables already booked in exactly the same order as the columns in events.

events : numpy array of shape [n_events, n_variables]

A two-dimensional NumPy array containing the rows of events and columns of variables. The order of the columns must match the order in which you called AddVariable() for each variable.

targets : numpy array of shape [n_events] or [n_events, n_targets]

The target value(s) for each event in events. For multiple target values, targets must be a two-dimensional array with a column for each target in the same order in which you called AddTarget().

weights : numpy array of shape [n_events], optional

Event weights.

test : bool, optional (default=False)

If True, then the events will be added as test events, otherwise they are added as training events by default.


A TMVA::Factory or TMVA::DataLoader requires you to add both training and test events even if you don’t intend to call TestAllMethods().