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Module providing basic sampling methods.

from __future__ import annotations

from .api_check import is_valid_pdf
from .diverse import get_value

[docs] def base_sampler(models, nevents): """ Creates samplers from models. Args: models (list(model)): models to sample nevents (list(int)): number of in each sampler Returns: Samplers """ assert all(is_valid_pdf(m) for m in models) assert len(nevents) == len(models) samplers = [] for i, m in enumerate(models): sampler = m.create_sampler(n=nevents[i]) samplers.append(sampler) return samplers
[docs] def base_sample(samplers, ntoys, parameter=None, value=None, constraints=None): """ Samples from samplers. The parameters that are floating in the samplers can be set to a specific value using the `parameter` and `value` argument. Args: samplers (list): generators of samples ntoys (int): number of samples to generate parameter (optional): floating parameter in the sampler value (optional): value of the parameter constraints (optional): constraints to sample Returns: dict: sampled values for each constraint """ sampled_constraints = {} if constraints is not None: for constr in constraints: try: sampled_constraints.update({k: get_value(v) for k, v in constr.sample(n=ntoys).items()}) except AttributeError: continue for i in range(ntoys): params = None if parameter is None or value is None else {parameter: value} for s in samplers: s.resample(params=params) if constraints is not None: yield {param: value[i] for param, value in sampled_constraints.items()} else: yield {}