Discovery(calculator, poinull)

Class for discovery test.

UpperLimit(calculator, poinull, poialt[, qtilde])

Class for upper limit calculation.

ConfidenceInterval(calculator, poinull[, qtilde])

Class for confidence interval calculation.


POIarray(parameter, values)

Class for parameters of interest with multiple values:

POI(parameter, value)

Class for single value parameter of interest:


Module defining the base class for the calculators for statistical tests based on the likelyhood ratio.

Acronyms used in the code:
  • nll = negative log-likehood, which is the value of the loss attribute of a calculator;

  • obs = observed, i.e. measured on provided data.

AsymptoticCalculator(input, minimizer[, ...])

Class for asymptotic calculators, using asymptotic formulae of the likelihood ratio described in [CCGV11].

FrequentistCalculator(input, minimizer[, ...])

Frequentist calculator class.

Toys utils#

ToyResult(poigen, poieval)

Class to store the results of toys generated for a given value of a POI.

ToysManager(input, minimizer[, sampler, sample])

Class handling the toy generation and fit, results are stored in ToyResult instances stored themselves in a dictionary.