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Citing Scikit-HEP or individual packages

We appreciate if you consider to acknowledge the Scikit-HEP project in case it has made or is having an impact on your work or research. We suggest the following citation for the project as a whole (in BibTeX format):

    author = "Rodrigues, Eduardo and others",
    editor = "Doglioni, C. and Kim, D. and Stewart, G. A. and Silvestris, L. and Jackson, P. and Kamleh, W.",
    title = "{The Scikit HEP Project -- overview and prospects}",
    eprint = "2007.03577",
    archivePrefix = "arXiv",
    primaryClass = "physics.comp-ph",
    doi = "10.1051/epjconf/202024506028",
    journal = "EPJ Web Conf.",
    volume = "245",
    pages = "06028",
    year = "2020"

Kindly consider citing any specific package if that seems appropriate. All package GitHub repositories contain at the very least a Zenodo badge. Some may also have a citation page, as for example