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Scikit-HEP project - welcome!

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The Scikit-HEP project is a community-driven and community-oriented project with the aim of providing Particle Physics at large with an ecosystem for data analysis in Python. Read more →

See our developer pages for information on developing Python packages!


Manipulate JSON-like data with NumPy-like idioms.

Units and constants in the HEP system of units.

Manipulate Lorentz, 3D, and 2D vectors in NumPy, Numba, or Awkward.

Data manipulation and interoperability:

Easy conversions between different styles of expressions.

Interface between ROOT and NumPy.

❌ Deprecated

Module for conveniently loading/saving ROOT files as pandas DataFrames.

❌ Deprecated

ROOT I/O in pure Python and NumPy.

Pythonic behaviours for non-I/O related ROOT classes.

❌ Deprecated


Convert between histogram representations

Python bindings for the C++14 Boost::Histogram library.

Hist is a analyst friendly front-end for boost-histogram, designed for Python 3.6+.

Versatile, high-performance histogram toolkit for Numpy.

❌ Deprecated

Histoprint nicely displays histograms in the terminal.

Unified Histogram Interface, providing static tools and documentation for the common behavior and interaction between histogram libraries.

Particles and decays:

Describe and convert particle decays between digital representations.

PDG particle data and identification codes.


GPU/OpenMP fitting in Python and C++.

🤝 Affiliated

Jupyter-friendly Python interface for the Minuit2 C++ library.

Cost function builder. For fitting distributions.

❌ Deprecated

Scalable Pythonic fitting

🤝 Affiliated


Statistics tools and utilities.

pure-Python implementation of HistFactory models.

Interface to HEP libraries:

Interface between Pythia and NumPy.

Next generation Python bindings for HepMC3.

Interface between FastJet and NumPy.

Lightweight Python interface to read Les Houches Event (LHE) files.

Machine Learning:

Collection of tools and algorithms to enable conversion of HEP ML to mass usage model.


Plotting and styling helpers for matplotlib.

View Vega/Vega-Lite plots in your web browser from local or remote Python processes.


A utility for building all PyPI supported binary wheels on all CI systems. See our guide for instructions.

🤝 Affiliated

CERN’s ROOT on Conda-Forge.

🤝 Affiliated

Toolset of interfaces and tools for Particle Physics. To become a metapackage.

Common package to provide example files (e.g., ROOT) for testing and developing packages against.

In some cases, the packages provide a bridge between different technologies and/or popular packages from the Python scientific software stack.