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Getting in touch

Table of contents


The fastest way to contact us is via the Gitter channel Scikit-HEP/community, ideal for informal exchanges. The organisation provides the following topical Gitter channels, with some channels of broad interest hosted under the HEP Software Foundation (HSF):

It is worth to mention the related rooms HSF/PyHEP and HSF/PyHEP-newcomers from the HSF, which are of particular interest for general exchanges with the “Python in HEP” community.

Mailing lists

Forum for general matters, announcements and discussions concerning the Scikit-HEP project : Please go here to subscribe.

Mailing list to ping all admins at once: Note that this list is private but anyone can send an email to it without sign-up.


Certain packages recommend that general questions be asked with relevant StackOverflow tags when the README does not immediately provide an answer. The available package tags are:

On GitHub

You can also get in touch via the GitHub pages of the package of interest, e.g. to issue a bug.