Note: iminuit is tested to work with PyPy3.5 and PyPy3.6, but we do not provide binary packages for PyPy. PyPy users need to install the source package of iminuit. This happens automatically when you install it via conda or pip, but requires a working C++ compiler.


To install the latest stable version from with pip:

$ pip install iminuit

If your platform is not supported by a binary wheel, pip install requires that you have a C++ compiler available but otherwise runs the compilation automatically.


We also provide binary packages for conda users via

$ conda install -c conda-forge iminuit

The conda packages are semi-automatically maintained and usually quickly support the least Python version on all platforms.

Installing from source

For users

If you need the latest unreleased version, you can download and install directly from Github. The easiest way is to use pip.

This requires a C++ compiler with C++14 support.

For contributors/developers

See Contribute.