Project news

February 2024: Packages hepconvert and ragged joined Scikit-HEP.

June 2023: Developer pages, cookie, and repo-review generalized and accepted into scientific-python.

May 2023: pyhf project updates published in the May 2023 NumFOCUS newsletter.

March 2023: awkward accepted as an affiliated project of NumFOCUS.

January 2023: Package numpythia deprecated and archived. Package pyjet archived.

December 2022: pyhf accepted as an affiliated project of NumFOCUS.

December 2022: Major releases awkward 2.0.0 and uproot 5.0.0.

August 2022: Major metapackage release scikit-hep 4.0.0.

July 2022: Scikit-HEP packages being taught in the “Python for Analysis” training events of the HEP Software Foundation (HSF) Training Working Group.

May 2022: Package repo-review created in Scikit-HEP.

May 2022: Package awkward-1.0 renamed to awkward.

March 2022: Creation of this News page.

March 2022: Packages resample and uproot-browser joined Scikit-HEP.

January 2022: Releases of Particle 0.20.0 (first Python 3 only) and DecayLanguage 0.14.0.

November 2021: Release of DecayLanguage 0.13.0. (first Python 3 only).

September 2021: LHCb experiment becomes an official user of (some of) our packages.

September 2021: Package cabinetry joined Scikit-HEP.

September 2021: Release Particle 0.16.0, 2021 PDG data table is default.

September 2021: Package pyjet marked as deprecated, superseded by Scikit-HEP’s fastjet.

August 2021: Scikit-HEP packages start to be taught in the “Software Carpentry” type of training events of the HEP Software Foundation (HSF) Training Working Group.

June 2021: First release of fastjet to PyPI (version

June 2021: Release UHI 0.3.0.

June 2021: Release hepstats 0.5.0 (Python 3.7+).

April 2021: Package fastjet created in Scikit-HEP.

April 2021: Release vector 0.8.0 (first release to PyPI).

April 2021: Release mplhep 0.3.0.

April 2021: First scikit-hep-testdata release that downloads files from the Git repository on demand rather than including them all in the PyPI package.

March 2021: Package pyBumpHunter joined Scikit-HEP.

March 2021: Major releases boost-histogram 1.0.0 (Python 3 only) and histoprint 2.0.0 (Python 3 only), major metapackage release scikit-hep 3.0.0.

March 2021: Package root_pandas marked as deprecated.

February 2021: Major metapackage release scikit-hep 2.0.0.

February 2021: Release pyhf 0.6.0.

January 2021: Package UHI introduced in Scikit-HEP.

January 2021: Package cookie joined Scikit-HEP.

December 2020: ATLAS experiment and IRIS-HEP institute becomes an official user of (some of) our packages.

December 2020: Major release awkward 1.0.0 (rewrite of package awkward-array, renamed awkward0 in Nov.), major release uproot4 4.0.0 (rewrite of package uproot, renamed uproot3 in Nov.).

December 2020: Major release iminuit 2.0.0.

November 2020: Package awkward-array renamed to awkward0 (release 0.15.0), package uproot renamed to uproot3 (release 3.14.0), package uproot-methods renamed to uproot3-methods (release 0.10.0).

November 2020: Release pylhe 0.2.0 (Python 3 only).

October 2020: First release of scikit-hep as a metapackage for the project (version 1.0.0).

September 2020: Major release hepunits 2.0.0.

September 2020: Major release Hist 2.0.0.

August 2020: Release Particle 0.11.0, 2020 PDG data table is default.

June 2020: Package histoprint joined Scikit-HEP.

May 2020: Package uproot4 created in Scikit-HEP.

April 2020: Package pylhe joined Scikit-HEP.

February 2020: Scikit-HEP project listed on the the PDG online particle physics information, see also the PDF version.

February 2020: Package Hist created in Scikit-HEP.

February 2020: Release pyhf 0.4.0 (Python 3 only).

February 2020: Package root_numpy marked as deprecated.

December 2019: Package vegascope marked as deprecated.

November 2019: KM3NeT experiment becomes an official user of (some of) our packages.

November 2019: Packages pyhf and mplhep joined Scikit-HEP.

November 2019: Release hepstats 0.2.0.

October 2019: Package vector created in Scikit-HEP.

October 2019: First beta release of boost-histogram (version 0.5.0).

September 2019: Package statutils renamed to scikit-stats.

August 2019: Project’s site fully revamped, now based on Jekyll.

July 2019: Package scikit-stats renamed to hepstats.

June 2019: Packages scikit-hep-tutorials and statutils created in Scikit-HEP.

June 2019: Release Particle 0.5.0, 2019 PDG data table is default.

June 2019: Release DecayLanguage 0.3.0.

May 2019: CMS experiment becomes an official user of (some of) our packages.

May 2019: Package scikit-hep-orgstats created in Scikit-HEP.

May 2019: Major release hepunits 1.0.0.

April 2019: Package aghast joined Scikit-HEP.

March 2019: Package boost-histogram created in Scikit-HEP.

February 2019: First scikit-hep-testdata release (0.1.0) on PyPI.

January 2019: Package hepunits created in Scikit-HEP.

January 2019: Package hepparticle joined Scikit-HEP, renamed to Particle.

January 2019: Package pyhepmc joined Scikit-HEP.

December 2018: Package histbook deprecated and archived.

November 2018: Packages scikit-hep-testdata and NNdrone joined Scikit-HEP.

November 2018: Release probfit 1.1.0, first compatible with Python 3.

October 2018: Packages iminuit and probfit joined Scikit-HEP.

October 2018: Major release numpythia 1.0.0.

September 2018: Major release uproot 3.0.0.

August 2018: Package DecayLanguage joined Scikit-HEP.

August 2018: Package uproot-methods created in Scikit-HEP.

July 2018: Release scikit-hep 0.3.0, dropping Python 2.6 support.

June 2018: Packages awkward-array, histbook and vegascope joined Scikit-HEP.

March 2018: Release pyjet 1.1.0 (based on C++ FastJet 3.3.0).

November 2017: Major release uproot 2.0.0.

October 2017: First release of package scikit-hep (version 0.1.0).

September 2017: Package uproot joined Scikit-HEP. Release 1.0.0.

September 2017: Package root_pandas joined Scikit-HEP.

September 2017: Packages numpythia and pyjet joined Scikit-HEP.

April 2017: Package root_numpy joined Scikit-HEP.

November 2016: Scikit-HEP GitHub organization and site created.

August 2016: First discussions brainstorming the grand picture of the Scikit-HEP project. Eduardo Rodrigues, Jim Pivarski and others.