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What is the exact project name?

The project is called Scikit-HEP, where HEP stands for High Energy Physics (often alternatively named as Particle Physics). Notice the upper-case "S" and "HEP". The project name is distinct from the project Python (meta)package scikit-hep.

The name took inspiration from the several "scikits" - scientific toolboxes built around SciPy.

How to pronounce the project name?

Like "sy-kit happ"(y), forgetting about the "y" in "happy". Of course "sci" stands for science.

How to get started contributing?

You are most welcome and encouraged to get in touch via the resources listed at Getting in touch. Please also refer to each package repository and browse through the list of "issues" or files CONTRIBUTING for details on how to get involved.

Is there support for PyPy?

It's a nice idea. Support for PyPy across the various packages could be envisaged in the near future but only once the scientific stack based on NumPy supports it. This being said, certain packages do support PyPy already.

Is there support for GPUs?

Support for GPU-oriented code is not foreseen as default but some of the packages do provide support, and others envisage it in the near- or medium-term future. Please refer to the documentation of the various packages.