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A collection of tutorials and presentations, videos and publications on, or related to, the Scikit-HEP project.

Scikit-HEP tutorials


  • Fitting the BumpHunter test statistic distribution and global p-value estimation, L. Vaslin, S. Calvet, V. Barra, J. Donini, arXiv:2211.07446 [hep-ex]
  • pyBumpHunter: A model independent bump hunting tool in Python for High Energy Physics analyses, L. Vaslin, S. Calvet, V. Barra, J. Donini, arXiv:2208.14760 [hep-ex]
  • An array-oriented Python interface for FastJet, Aryan Roy, Jim Pivarski and Chad Freer, arXiv:2202.03911 [hep-ex]
  • pyhf: pure-Python implementation of HistFactory statistical models, L. Heinrich, M. Feickert, G. Stark and K. Cranmer, J. Open Source Softw. 6 2823 (2021)
  • Bayesian Block Histogramming for High Energy Physics, Brian Pollack, Saptaparna Bhattacharya, Michael Schmitt, arXiv:1708.00810 []

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